We  take advice from scholars to ensure we meet the strict criteria of people in society that are eligible to receive Zakaat. Our Islamic Consultant is Sheikh Ahmad Barouni from the School of Arabic and Islamic studies (SAIS), London.

Allah SWT mentions in the Quraan that Zakaat is eligible for 8 categories of people. Islamic Jurists define Zakaat as a “tamleek”. This means that the cash money needs to be given to the needy people who have the right to decide how to spend this money.

Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation fulfils all these conditions when distributing Zakaat and 100% of the money is distributed to the orphans, widows and the masaakeen (the most desperately poor in the society).

We do not use Zakaat money to fund any of our other projects such as the School/Orphanage build, Eye Clinics, Medical clinics.

Although the Al-Zahoor School and Academy is located in the village of Noldaria, in the district of Moulvi-Bazaar, the Zakaat money is distributed far and wide beyond this village and area. Everyday people turn up at the Al-Zahoor Academy asking for Zakaat. We also personally travel to other villages, towns and districts in Bangladesh in order to distribute the Zakaat.

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