About Us

Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation (AZWF) is a non-government, non-political charity organisation based in the UK. AZWF makes no discrimination of any kind based on race, sex, religion or colour. Our aim is the help the extremely impoverished members of society including orphans, widows, elderly and the disabled.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. Relieve poverty by providing food and clothing, building refuge shelters, access to clean water, distributing staple food packages.
  2. The advancement of education by operating a school for children who cannot afford to go to school.
  3. The advancement of health by providing access to free medical consultations and eye care clinics.

Our History

Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation (AZWF) is a small family run charity which started with an idea in January 2017. The idea was that the family would donate all their land and property in Bangladesh in order to establish a charity to help destitute people and orphans there, in the memory of their late father Zahurul Haque Choudhury.

Today Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation is a UK registered charity which runs a school and orphanage in the village of Noldaria, Moulvi-Bazar, Bangladesh.

The house that the family donated has been converted into a school which teaches 98 children, of which 66 children stay in the orphanage.

The land that the family donated is used to grow crops and rice and farm fish. The land not only provides the food to feed the orphans and children at the school, but it also provides jobs for the local poor people.

Multiple other projects have been run at the same time for the benefit of the poor such as medical camps and eye clinics, building of shelters and water-wells in the Rohingya Refugee camps, and distribution of food for Iftar in Ramdan and support for widows and single mothers.

Please take a look at the other projects AZWF runs.

Islamic Consultant

We are very careful that we do things in according to the correct Islamic rulings, such as distribution of Zakaat.

Our Islamic Consultant is Sheikh Ahmad Barouni from the School of Arabic and Islamic studies (SAIS), London.

None of the family members take any fees from the charity for their work and they pay their own cost of travel to/from Bangladesh.

Projects under AZWF