Zakaat-ul-fitr (Fitraana) is an obligatory (fard) charity on every Muslim (who can afford it) and must be given towards the end of Ramadan. It is given as a staple food item to reach the poor people before Eid Salah. One needs to pay this for each member of their household. The amount that needs to be given to meet the requirement is 1 or 2 saa’ in weight (depending on the School of Thought).

We will be distributing Zakaat-ul-fitr directly to the houses of the poor and needy in Bangladesh to reach the people before Eid Salah. Please make your donations as soon as possible so that we have enough time to package and distribute.

For £6 (per person) we will be giving more than the required amount of 2 saa’ of rice as the poor people are desperately short on rice this year due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

You can donate to this project using the following bank account details:

Bank: HSBC Bank                    
Name: Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation
Sort Code: 403333
Account No: 22676559

Please use “Fitr” as your reference.

Alternatively, you can donate below and checkout using the Stripe/Paypal secure payment gateway.